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Pig Oil and Sulphur
25.99 GBP


Pig Oil and Sulphur is a fantastic product to condition, prevent mud fever, prevent mites, encourage growth and whiten feather. Also to be used on manes and tail and acts as a detangler and keeps it growing healthy for a long thick mane and tail. 2nd picture is one of a number of problems that can occur without care! We sell in 5 litres at £25.99 including delivery and 1 litre at £10.49 to anywhere mainland UK. Discounts on quantity!! We also have an agent out in Ireland now!!!! Trade Customers Welcome. Our Oil is known throughout the world!!!! Please email for details!!

Show white halters, one size fits all. Plaited. See 3rd picture. £7.49 including UK postage. Discount on quantity.

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Contact: Sussex Cobs

Location: Sussex, United Kingdom


Phone Number: 07912346761

Type of Advertiser: Trade


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